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All About beauté

Let's discuss my why...

For much of my life, I've carried a burden of shame about my skin tone. I didn't feel beautiful, and the concept of genuine beauty, that elusive "je ne sais quoi," seemed distant to me. There were no dark-skinned beauty icons, and the representation of people like me in the media was scarce.  As I've matured, it pains me to realize that I failed to recognize the true beauty I possess. This self-doubt held me back from numerous opportunities and hindered my pursuit of goals and dreams. I didn't reach my full potential. 

Representation is crucial. I established this brand to ensure that no young person, regardless of their skin tone, ever feels held back from their aspirations or misses out on their potential. beauté by Marlette will curate products for everyone, so that individuals of all shades can embrace the inner beauty that will radiate outward….and just maybe the success of my brand will encourage another young person to go for it!